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Just so you know where I’m coming from, I consider life a smorgasbord to be sampled extensively. What about you?

Long ago, I was a correspondent for a radio station in Manila, covering student activists and riot police. One time, students tossed Molotov cocktails at police who lobbed tear gas grenades right back. A pillbox went off under the radio patrol van I was in. Knocked the microphone off my hand. Made my driver floorboard the accelerator. We got back to safety at home studio. An investigation followed. The students accused the police, and vice versa. Who really threw the pillbox? Moot point. Martial law happened soon after. It shut down Manila Times radio and ended my journalistic career.

Then I drifted. Went OFW in Canada. Raised bees for honey in the bush of Pontiac, Quebec. Did research on the life of native artist Benjamin Chee Chee (inebriated, he hanged himself in a jail cell in Ottawa soon after celebrating his birthday). Covered the front desk for a Vancouver hotel. Moonlit with a short-lived cartoon strip called “Grouse Mountain Poet” for the Vancouver Sun. Sold books, residential tax shelters, uniform rental packages and whatnot. Tasted life in bits and bites.

Comment and share it with friends. Peace.

Kenneth Lim

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